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ER Collets

We carry a variety of ER collets in both metric and inch sizes including: ER8, ER11, ER12, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40, ER50.


  • High Accuracy. 16 slots for rigid clamping and extra concentricity.
  • Wide Clamping Range. For fewer changes and a low cost per set that covers a continuous range of sizes.
  • Versatility. Interchangeable with ER and ESX type collets.
  • Ideal for Tool Extensions. High accuracy for long-reach applications.
  • Multiple Applications. Same collets can be used for drilling, milling, tapping and reaming.
  • Precision Manufacturing. High grade spring steel is hardened and precision ground, with 100% quality inspection.
  • Long Life. Exceeding that of other collet styles.
  • Factory Guarantee. Fully backed.

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