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RDO20 / High Grip Clamping Nut

RDO20 / High Grip Clamping Nut

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RDO20 / High Grip Clamping Nut (Ball-Bearing).

Versatile Applications and Advantages of RDO Collets

RDO collets, also known as Ortlieb-style or OZ collets, are highly recommended for milling, drilling, and boring applications due to their robust design and superior gripping strength. However, their versatility extends far beyond these core functions. Here are some additional key applications and advantages of RDO collets:

Routing Applications

RDO collets, particularly the RDO 25, 35, and 44 series, excel in high-production routing systems for woodworking. Their powerful gripping force and rigidity make them ideal for achieving precision and efficiency in routing operations.

Tapping Operations

Sealed versions of RDO collets, available in sizes like RDO 25, 35, and 44, are perfect for coolant-through tapping applications. These collets enable efficient chip evacuation and prolong tool life, making them highly effective for tapping operations.

Heavy-Duty Machining

RDO collets are well-suited for heavy-duty machining operations and are designed to withstand high radial and axial loads. They efficiently handle high cutting forces, ensuring stability and performance in demanding machining tasks.

Precision and Accuracy

The double-slitted design with a 1:10 taper provides strong, concentric clamping, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. This makes RDO collets indispensable for precision machining applications where exact tolerances are crucial.


Conforming to DIN 6388 standards, RDO collets are compatible with various machine spindles, collet chucks, and tool-holding systems. This versatility allows them to be used across different manufacturing setups, enhancing their utility and convenience.


Manufactured from high-grade spring steel and precision ground, RDO collets are built for durability and long service life. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective choice for long-term use.

In Summary

While RDO collets are primarily recommended for milling, drilling, and boring, their robust construction, high gripping strength, and broad compatibility make them versatile tooling solutions for a wide range of metalworking and woodworking applications. Whether for high-precision tasks or heavy-duty operations, RDO collets provide the precision, rigidity, and longevity needed to optimize productivity and performance.

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Part No. Collet A B C
(mm.) (in.) (mm.) (in.)
RDO 20
M27 X 1.5


Centaur Part Number: 30320

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