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ER25 Collet Floating Reamer Holder (E-Nut) | 1 in.

  • $ 1,010.65

Floating ReamerA floating reamer holder is a specialized tool holder used in metalworking to precisely ream (enlarge and finish) pre-drilled holes. It allows the reamer to self-align and "float" within the hole, ensuring a highly accurate and concentric finished hole.

Key Features

  • Contains free-moving axial bearings that allow the reamer to follow the existing hole with extreme precision
  • Compensates for minor misalignments between the workpiece and machine spindle
  • Produces holes with near-perfect concentricity, avoiding issues like barreling, scarring, and ovalling


  • Improves hole quality and dimensional accuracy compared to using a rigid reamer holder
  • Suitable for various reaming operations on lathes, mills, drills, and CNC machines
  • Enables high-quality reamed holes for demanding applications across industries


Floating reamer holders are typically used after an initial hole is drilled. The reamer gradually widens and finishes the hole to the desired size and geometry, following the existing hole path thanks to the floating mechanism.Relevant hashtags: #metalworking #reaming #holemaking #precisionmachining #toolholders #manufacturing Chucks allow the Reamer to follow the hole and ream to exact size.

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