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ER12 Collet

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Centaur Precision Tools' ER Collets: Premium Quality for Uncompromising Precision

When precision in metalworking and machining is non-negotiable, Centaur Precision Tools' ER collets are the definitive choice. Designed for uncompromising accuracy, durability, and versatility, these collets are essential for professionals and hobbyists who demand the best.

Engineered for Exceptional Performance

Manufactured from high-grade spring steel to exacting specifications, Centaur's ER collets are precision-crafted to ensure optimal performance in even the most demanding applications. Adhering to the stringent DIN 6499 standard, they guarantee exceptional concentricity and interchangeability with various toolholding systems, including BR, DR, ESX, and RD collets.

Versatility Across Multiple Applications

Capable of handling a wide range of metalworking operations with ease, whether drilling, milling, tapping, or reaming, these collets deliver the precision and gripping force required for superior results. Their double-slitted design with a 1:16 taper provides strong clamping pressure, ensuring secure tool holding and minimizing runout and vibration.

Precision and Longevity Combined

In addition to their exceptional accuracy, Centaur's ER collets are designed for longevity. Hardened and precision-ground, these collets can withstand the rigors of high-speed machining while maintaining their dimensional stability and gripping strength over time. This translates to consistent performance, extended tool life, and superior surface finishes on your workpieces.

Compatibility and Convenience

Compatible with a wide range of ER collet chucks and toolholding systems from leading manufacturers, Centaur's ER collets offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Whether you're working on a CNC machining center, lathe, or milling machine, these collets seamlessly integrate into your existing setup, enhancing your machining capabilities. 


Collapse per collet: 0.5 mm. (0.019 in.)
Capacity per set: 0.5 – 7 mm. (0.019 – 0.276 in.)
Precision per DIN 6499
Maximum tightening torque 20 ft./lbs.


A = 12 mm. (0.47 in.)
B = 19.5 mm. (0.77 in.)


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